Feature Spotlinghts

See connections and patterns

i2 Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri delivers association, temporal and geospatial analysis by integrating with Esri's ArcGIS Server geospatial functions.

Connect directly to data

i2 iBridge connects to select enterprise databases with search/query capabilities to return analysis-ready data. i2 Information Exchange for Analysis Search for Analyst's Notebook connects to/searches multiple sources at once to retrieve analysis-ready data.

Extract text

i2 Text Chart: Intuitive, user-controlled text extraction and visualization to help with unstructured data assimilation. i2 Text Chart Auto Mark: Desktop app that automatically discovers and highlights entities of interest within a wide variety of documents.

Analyze call records

i2 Pattern Tracer rapidly analyzes large volumes of call detail records to identify call clusters and uncover key participants. It can quickly identify potential call targets and help prevent future call incidents.

IBM i2 Chart Reader

Successful investigations often depend on the ability to disseminate. i2 Chart Reader allows analysts to share intelligence with those who don't have access to IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook.

Customer case studies

Case study image

Consolidating analytical tools helps UK police outsmart criminals

The Police ICT Company
Read the case study
Case study image

Zeroing in on Human Trafficking Networks with IBM Security i2 Intelligence Analysis Software.

Read the case study
Case study image

Using intelligence analysis technology to disrupt and prevent human trafficking.

Stop the Traffik
Read the case study

Technical details

Software requirements

View the operating system requirements for i2 Analyst's Notebook before you buy.

    Hardware requirements

    View the hardware system requirements for i2 Analyst's Notebook before you buy.

      Technical specifications

      • i2 Analyst's Notebook SDK: Customize/expand analysis tool kits with software and samples.
      • i2 Information Exchange for Analysis Search Services SDK: Create/customize web services-components.
      See a complete list of technical specifications

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