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For Db2 on Cloud pricing plans with monthly fees, how does your daily billing work?

For daily billing, you are billed only for each day the cloud database is used. For example, a USD 250 per month plan will be billed approximately USD 8.33 per day with receipt of the bill at the end of a 30-day period.

Is there a time limit associated with the Lite plan (free tier) for Db2 on Cloud?

No. The IBM® Db2® on Cloud Lite plan is a free tier of service that does not have a time limit attached to it. Clients can use it for as long as they require usage of the cloud database. Clients who sign up in North America should select the "US South" region for the Lite plan option. Additional details on the Lite plan can be found on the IBM Support Forum.

Can I create multiple instances of the Lite plan (free tier) for Db2 on Cloud?

Yes, please reference the IBM Support Forum for more information.

Are there trial periods on the paid plans for Db2 on Cloud?

Yes. In addition to the Lite plan ("free tier"), Db2 on Cloud has a free 7-day trial available to clients. To use the 7-day trial, clients must

  1. Sign up for IBM Cloud
  2. Have a valid payment method, such as a credit card, attached to the account
  3. Create a Db2 on Cloud "Flex" instance

The first 7 days of using the cloud database are free with one core. For additional information, please reference the IBM Support Forum post on this topic.

Can my existing IBM Db2 entitlements be used to access selected Db2 on Cloud and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud services?

Yes. For more information, reference Announcement Letter 218-145 for more information.

Where can I find a list of security certifications and compliance for Db2 on Cloud?

A full list of security certifications and compliance can be found in the IBM Knowledge Center. (Note: Db2 on Cloud includes a HIPAA option.)

In what locations, or data centers, does IBM offer Db2 on Cloud?

Db2 on Cloud is available in nearly all IBM Cloud data centers. The list of locations continues to grow. For a full list of currently available cities, please reference the website below.

Can I use RESTful APIs to communicate with Db2 on Cloud?

Yes. With IBM Db2 on Cloud, there is no need to install database drivers or understand Db2 programming to communicate with the cloud database. This video shows you how to use RESTful APIs on your favorite device or operating system to gain insights into your Db2 on Cloud data.

Can I use Jupyter notebooks with Db2 on Cloud?

Yes. Jupyter notebooks provide an easy way to prototype and test code for a variety of languages. This video explores the use of Jupyter notebooks with Db2 on Cloud by using magic commands. These custom magic command use RESTful APIs to communicate with the database on cloud so no Db2 database drivers are required when using them.

Does scaling on Db2 on Cloud require downtime?

Scaling up and down does not require downtime on high availability plans for the cloud database. Single server plans will require approximately 20 minutes of downtime. For details, see the IBM Support Forum answer.

How does high availability (HA) with Db2 on Cloud work?

Db2 on Cloud uses the Db2 high availability disaster recovery (HADR) technology in ASYNC mode to achieve the offsite DR node capability and provides Read on Standby on the DR node.

Where can I find answers to additional common questions?

Visit the IBM Cloud Docs site for Db2 on Cloud where you’ll find additional FAQs and more support information.

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