Corporate Trust and Compliance Web Site allows employees to report concerns

In February 2009, IBM launched what we believe will serve as a valuable resource for IBM managers and their teams around the world. The new Corporate Trust and Compliance Web site is designed to foster a culture of trust and personal responsibility throughout the company.

Among other things, the site highlights IBM’s online reporting system that allows IBM employees around the world to report concerns and possible violations of company policies and its longstanding Business Conduct Guidelines. The system is available on-demand and in multiple languages. Employees can raise concerns related to everything from workplace conditions to concerns about pay and performance ratings to known or suspected employee misconduct.

Reported violations of IBM’s Business Conduct Guidelines are reviewed and, as appropriate, investigated. Where allegations of misconduct are substantiated, corrective actions, including appropriate disciplinary actions, are taken.

The IBM Business Conduct Guidelines, to which IBMers certify annually, spell out the ethical business practices that apply to employees worldwide. These Guidelines remain the foundation of our compliance management system—and IBM has controls in place to help ensure that we all adhere to them, at every level of the company.

However, no matter what processes are established, what values we instill or how open and transparent our management practices are, people will make mistakes and do things that aren't right. When that happens, leadership becomes crucial.

These online resources can help strengthen the very bedrock of IBM, helping to ensure that our relationships—with clients, investors, colleagues and the communities in which we live and work, in every part of the world—are truly built on trust.

357,000 Employees successfully completed IBM’s annual online Business Conduct Guidelines course and re-certified their commitment to follow the guidelines in 2008.

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