A commitment to collaboration

IBM runs one of the world’s largest and most complex supply chains – with more than 30,000 supplier locations spread out over more than 60 countries.

We know that our sizeable purchasing power is a unique resource we must manage responsibly. We also know that our strong supplier relationships provide us with the opportunity to work with our providers to raise standards—ethical, social and environmental—in the global IT supply chain. We believe that the work we do together can improve operational excellence, working conditions, and environmental standards—resulting in higher quality products for our customers.

Key 2008 Corporate Responsibility Initiatives

In 2008, our supply chain efforts focused on Performance Audits, Supply Chain Diversity and Sustainable Procurement.

Commitment to Improvement: Working with suppliers worldwide

Through audits, particularly in growth markets, we are improving standards throughout our supply chain.

Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition: Collaborating to establish standards

IBM chairs this coalition of more than 40 companies that have adopted an industry code of conduct for suppliers.

Supply Chain Diversity: Extending access to businesses owned by women and minorities

In 2008, IBM spent more than $2 billion with diverse-owned businesses worldwide, including $1.5 billion in the U.S.

Point of View: The merits of IBM supplier diversity

More on our commitment to supply chain responsibility

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