Promoting policies to address societal challenges

Our smarter planet strategy is resonating powerfully, especially among government leaders—helping them to prepare their societies for a new century.

IBM works closely with governments, regulators and standard setters at global and local levels on key economic, governmental and societal issues, and prioritizes policy approaches that foster innovation, contribute to a strong global economy and address key global challenges. Our public policy priorities for 2008 were:

  • Global Economic Integration (e.g., Market Access and Supply Chain Security)
  • Global Workforce Flexibility
  • Finance, Energy and Environmental Priorities
  • Innovation Leadership Initiatives
  • Policy-Driven Growth Opportunities
  • Export Compliance
  • Intellectual Property and Open Standards
  • Government Relations and Market Support

Key 2008 Corporate Responsibility Initiatives

In 2008, our Public Policy initiatives focused on such areas as Health Reform, Privacy and Security, and Intellectual Property Reform.

Healthcare Reform: An agenda for mutual responsibility for the 21st century

In April 2009, our Senior Vice President of Human Resources was invited to appear on a congressional panel concerning national healthcare reform.

Points of View
The Patient-Centered Medical Home

WEB EXCLUSIVE Electronic Health Records Exchange: Creating the first system for a U.S. government agency

A new electronic records exchange system now speeds the process of granting disability benefits for millions of Americans.

Intellectual Property Reforms: Providing additional transparency and openness to the patent system

IBM is working a Patent Quality Index to address the issue of low-quality patents and provide additional transparency to the patent system.

Point of View
Patent Law Evolution

Privacy and Security: New policies and protections

IBM is engaging with private and public sector organizations to develop and enforce policies related to privacy and data protection.

WEB EXCLUSIVE Yale-IBM Open Standards Summit: Delivering a blueprint for the Obama administration

Recommendations from a summit in Summer 2008 are serving as a framework for the administration’s policies related to technical standards.

Contingency Planning Assessment: Helping companies prepare for pandemics and other disasters

IBM is using technology innovations to address public health crises like the recent H1N1 flu outbreak.

More on our commitment to public policy

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