IBM is committed to the goal of achieving the highest standards of quality. Quality forms the basis of our value proposition, our brand image and is the cornerstone upon which IBM builds lasting relationships where we are essential to our clients' success.

The client’s perception of IBM and its offerings, products and services is the lens through which quality will be evaluated in the marketplace. Our goal is to deliver value to our clients each time they interact with IBM directly or through our business partners in all the geographic markets we serve. IBM listens to client feedback and uses the insights to improve client experience and quality. The client’s decision to choose and recommend IBM to their business partners, colleagues and friends will be part of how IBM will measure success.

IBM leaders are responsible for understanding how clients interact with IBM, for defining measurements and improvement targets, and for driving actions to achieve quality goals. All IBMers are expected to model the nine IBM Practices that define everything we do on behalf of the company.

In effect since March 18, 2017