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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Service Jam?
Service Jam on October 10-12 is an online collaboration event that will engage participants and organizations that deeply care about enabling service to create change. The event will take the pulse of thousand’s of participants on key issues facing societies and organizations and innovative service solutions applied from around the world.

What is the goal of Service Jam?
The Service Jam will engage leaders, subject matter experts, organizations and individuals in this field to generate breakthrough ideas that will redefine service and social innovation. Following the Jam, IBM in collaboration with key partners, will produce a white paper summarizing key findings, and highlighting creative ideas and social solutions.

Who is sponsoring Service Jam?
The Service Jam is sponsored by IBM in partnership with prominent organizations and leaders from around the world.

When is Service Jam?
Service Jam will be held on Oct 10-12, 2010 at 10:00 am, US Eastern Standard Time. Participants can enter and exit the Jam at anytime during the event, according to their convenience. To find out when Service Jam begins in your nearest time zones, please refer to the “Service Jam times” section in the registration page.

When will the discussion forums occur? Is there a schedule?
All eight discussion forums in the Jam are open throughout the entire 3 day jam event. Participants can switch between any forum of their choice at anytime during the Jam. Forum hosts will also be jamming throughout the duration of the event.

Where will the Service Jam event take place?
Service Jam is an online “virtual” event. Registration is FREE and on an invite only basis.

What is the value of Service Jam?
This is a unique opportunity for people who believe in the power of community service to contribute to innovative ideas and viewpoints, learn from others with common interests and possibly influence the future of the service sector. Participants will choose from a list of eight top global issues facing the service sector and the global community.

Registration and Participation

Why should you participate?
If you are passionate about generating social good through multiple means and have witnessed the impact that innovations in service have brought about, then this Jam is the right place for you. It is an excellent opportunity to voice your thoughts about this subject, offer your observations and ideas on how we can solve some of the most challenging problems that surround service. The fluency of ideas that can come out of this jam is based on individuals like you who take initiative to listen, contribute and lend a hand in shaping the future of Service as a Solution.

How do I register?
Registration for Service Jam will open in September and is by invitation only.

Is there a cost to participate?

About the Jam Platform Technology: Is this platform effective?
Absolutely! Service Jam will be hosted online using IBM’s Innovation Jam solution platform which is especially adept at bringing communities together to discuss social issues. For more information on IBM’s Innovation Jam, visit

How will the Service Jam discussion forums work?
There will be eight forums designated to address top social issues. These forums will be lead by recognized leaders in the field from around the world. Participants will be able to post and review comments, follow topics of interest, access “hot idea” discussions, and much more. From time-to-time participants will be presented with Quick Polls, a series of simple, online surveys about various event-related issues. Participants may log-in and out of the Jam at anytime during the event.

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Service Jam White Paper

In collaboration with key partners, IBM has published "The Systems of Service", a white paper summarizing key findings from Service Jam. The document will help organizations leverage the knowledge generated by the Jam to innovate, design and improve service programs.

Data Analysis

The text mining and data analysis of the Service Jam content is now available.

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