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IBMers manage their own opportunities to learn new skills

In 2008, a growing number of IBM employees in the U.S. took advantage of a pilot program in which IBM matches 50 percent of a Personalized Learning Account (PLA)—up to $1,000 per year—to fund new educational experiences outside their current job responsibilities.

The Personalized Learning Account program is part of the IBM Global Citizen’s Portfolio, announced by IBM Chairman Sam Palmisano in July 2007—a group of initiatives that also includes the IBM Corporate Service Corps and the Transition2 Program. Global Citizen’s Portfolio is enabling thousands of IBMers to master new fields and skills, recognizing that individuals who are well rounded and more globally aware are better employees and global citizens—and ultimately experience greater job satisfaction.

“I just completed my second semester of language classes at the local university—it was great to have IBM pay one-third of the cost of both classes. Learning a second language in a classroom environment has given me a deep appreciation for IBM coworkers who speak English as a second language. I mentor several IBMers in other countries, and half of my team is located in India. I find myself being much more compassionate and patient when communicating with them as I personally experience my own challenges with learning all the subtleties of a second language.”

Beth L. Hoffman, Solution Relationship Manager for SWG, IBM Certified Consulting IT Specialist, IBM Austin

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