Service and volunteering have always been essential elements of what it means to be an IBMer -- at any given time, there are hundreds of thousands of us involved in community service efforts worldwide.

As IBM begins a second century of social engagement, we invite you to join the global community of IBMers who help their communities work better.

Activity Kits for volunteers

IBM’s Activity Kits provide everything you need—step-by-step instructions and supporting materials such as presentations—to conduct a volunteer activity at a school or community organization.

Stories of service

IBMers have a long tradition of volunteering their time, skills and expertise with schools and community organizations. Inspiring accounts of their dedication and accomplishments are described in stories of service from around the world.

On Demand Community

Launched in 2003, On Demand Community has reinvented IBM’s support of employees’ and retirees’ volunteer work. This innovative program makes a wide range of knowledge and expertise available online to volunteers worldwide.

The Systems of Service

IBM’s Service Jam brought together thousands of participants in online discussions on the future of service. “The Systems of Service” is a white paper summarizing its key findings and highlighting the creative ideas for social innovation that emerged.

Centennial Celebration of Service

During IBM’s centennial in 2011, the Celebration of Service honored our employees, retirees, families and friends in their commitment to volunteer service. More than 3.1 million volunteer hours were pledged by 300,000+ volunteers in 120 countries.

IBM retirees

IBM retirees can find volunteer opportunities and qualify for Community Grants by joining On Demand Community via

Retiree sign-in page

Icon of Progress

During IBM’s Centennial, On Demand Community was among the 100 featured IBM innovations that helped shape our first century.

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