IBMers have a long tradition of volunteering their time, skills and expertise with schools and community organizations worldwide. Inspiring accounts of their dedication and accomplishments are described in these stories of service.

Most recent stories are listed first.

Excellence award: From roadmap to reality—Volunteer in Denmark helps organization find friends and mentors for children

Simon Christiansen helped an NGO in Denmark develop a technology roadmap as part of an IBM Impact Grant. Once the work on paper was done he continued as a volunteer to bring the vision to life, earning a 2017 IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

SkillsBuild—Voices of IBM volunteers: Pete Gegen on starting a cyber defense club

Part thirteen in a series. Cyber security is an extremely relevant issue with terrific career potential. IBMer Pete Gegen talks starting a cyber defense team to help build interest and vital skills in high school students.

Excellence award: IBM volunteers in China help senior citizens embrace technology

IBM volunteers in China created and led coaching sessions with seniors on how to make practical use of technology and rallied over 80 other IBMers to join them. The core volunteer team received a 2017 IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

Excellence award: In Taiwan, volunteers help students discover STEM

IBM volunteers in Taiwan lead a long-term partnership with DiscoverE to sustain and grow the engineering profession—reaching over 30,000 students in 44 schools with 6,000 hours from other IBM volunteers.

SkillsBuild—Voices of IBM volunteers: Pete Gegen on starting a science club

Part twelve in a series. Being a STEM volunteer can include starting something new or working with what already exists. IBMer Pete Gegen talks about volunteering to support a science club or activity.

With the clock ticking, IBM volunteers build websites for nonprofits

IBM volunteers in the US and UK dedicate their weekends in collaboration with the organization 48in48 to plan, build and deploy websites for nonprofits—the result, 48 sites for 48 nonprofits in 48 hours. Bee-Lian Quah leads the initiative for IBM.

Excellence award: IBM volunteers in the United States ignite excitement at annual STEM camps

Dedicated IBM volunteers in Iowa, United States, are giving back to their community in Dubuque by hosting and leading an annual three-day STEM camp for middle school students. The volunteer team received a 2017 IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

SkillsBuild—Voices of IBM volunteers: Pete Gegen on starting a coding club

Part eleven in a series. CoderDojo is a popular, global coding club for kids. IBM volunteer Pete Gegen shares the basics of what’s needed to get started.

SkillsBuild: IBM volunteer in the Czech Republic uses activity kits to begin and sustain her work with students in Brno

Since 2016, Iveta Horrova has been a volunteer and mentor at an elementary school in Brno, Czech Republic, making extensive use of IBM Activity Kits and taking her students to a national competition in Prague.

Excellence award: Volunteers at science museum in Japan help students TryScience

For more than a decade, volunteers from IBM in Japan have continuously participated in developing and leading STEM activities for children at the Osaka Science Museum. The team received a 2017 IBM Volunteer Excellence award.

Excellence Award: Volunteers in Argentina go mobile to help people visualize their impact on the environment

Three IBM volunteers in Argentina, using their skills in project management, consulting and software development created a mobile app to helps users visualize their carbon footprint. The team received a 2017 IBM Volunteer Excellence award.

SkillsBuild—Voices of IBM volunteers: Pete Gegen on starting a robotics club

Part ten in a series. Pete Gegen and his daughters started a robotics club that has grown to 30 students across five teams; he shares his insight on how you can start a robotics club.

Disaster relief volunteering

September is national preparedness month in the US and provides an opportunity to acknowledge the global disaster relief efforts of IBM volunteers and the IBM resources available to them.

Excellence award: Volunteer in Chile builds a virtual bridge of skills and opportunity to residents on island

Chiloé Island is a cultural and natural treasure off the coast of Chile. Since 2013, Victor Manuel Diaz Gonzalez has helped its residents and organizations learn new skills. He received a 2017 IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

SkillsBuild—Voices of IBM volunteers: Pete Gegen on becoming a long-time volunteer for STEM

Part nine in a series. Seven years ago Pete Gegen made a decision that changed his life when he made a commitment to volunteerism; Pete shares his knowledge in several “how to” articles.

IBM volunteer in Missouri leads school association to excellence

Traci Rogers contributed her expertise as a project manager and business professional to help the Parent Teacher Student Association at her daughters’ middle school become more effective—setting them all on a new course of excellence.

Excellence award: IBM volunteer inspires Hong Kong students’ interest in STEM while helping them fight cyberbullying

Hong Kong students face a shortage of STEM skills and increasing instances of cyberbullying. Working with two organizations, Raymond Chu’s volunteer activities tackled these challenges; he received an IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

Excellence award: Volunteers in Turkey help develop the next generation of science heroes

For nine years, a team of IBM volunteers has played a pivotal role in the development and growth of Turkey’s Science Heroes Association (BKD) and its mission to engage young people about STEM. The team received a 2017 IBM Volunteer Excellence award.

IBM volunteer in Czech Republic helps charitable organization comply with new privacy legislation

Many nonprofits lack the resources to meet the requirements of new privacy legislation. IBM volunteer Christian Noll used his expertise to help an international charity in Prague achieve compliance; creating a model others can follow.

In Ireland, a former rescue volunteer uses his technology skills to help save a school from IT problems

Andy Barnes once volunteered with rescue organizations, but upon learning of the IT challenges at a local school in Ireland, he used his technology expertise to help breathe new life into their infrastructure.

Excellence award: IBM volunteer in Germany helps make the walk home safer

In Germany, IBM volunteer Anne Barten helped build an organization that provides a hotline anyone can call as they walk home—giving them a virtual companion. Anne received a 2018 IBM Volunteer Excellence award.

Excellence award: Volunteer team in Malaysia gets social to help youth with mental illness

Depression is a leading cause of disability among adolescents around the world. In Malaysia, an IBM volunteer team helped an NGO use social media to reach and support young people. The team received an IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

SkillsBuild: US retiree helps students shape their future with robotics

A second career as a science teacher moved IBM retiree Bob Steps to volunteer and lead a high school robotics program in Pennsylvania for over a decade—giving students a boost in competing for new collar jobs.

SkillsBuild: Canadian volunteer sets up camp for STEAM and adds STEM 4 Girls to the mix

As a relatively new IBMer, Valerie Lemay jumped into coordinating STEM summer camps for kids in Canada. Today she is part of the global IBM SkillsBuild initiative to promote activities that enable digital literacy with young people.

Voices of IBM volunteers: An interview with Bariş Abi and Bilgenur Öztürk—IBM Turkey volunteers at technical high school

Part eight in a series. The path to new collar skills is global. Two volunteers from IBM Turkey share real world experiences with students at Macka Technical High School in Istanbul.

IBM retiree helps patients and families manage the stress and anxiety of surgery

During a 29 year career at IBM, Jack Manning worked to delight business clients; in retirement he’s helping ease the anxiety of patients and their families in their healthcare experience.

2017 IBM Volunteer Excellence Award winners announced

IBM awards its highest form of volunteer recognition—the Volunteer Excellence Award—to 12 IBM teams or individuals from around the world, honoring their community impact.

Voices of IBM volunteers: Heather Ricciuto—IBM Security and co-founder of IBMCyberDay4Girls

Part seven in a series. The gender gap for women in cybersecurity is staggering, yet the opportunity is large. Heather Ricciuto and committed volunteers created IBMCyberDay4Girls to increase interest in STEM with middle school girls around the world.

In Austria, computers restored by IBM retiree give refugees a path to new skills

In 2015, IBM retiree Reinhard Klein and fellow volunteers in Klosterneuburg, Austria, came together to provide vital support for arriving refugees in their community. Other IBM retirees in Austria also came to their aid.

Voices of IBM volunteers: Brent Shiver—IBM software engineer and board member at the Texas School for the Deaf Foundation

Part six in a series. Though a newcomer to IBM Volunteers, Brent Shiver now taps into the resources available on the website. He serves as a volunteer board member for an organization in Texas, applying his technology expertise in new ways.

Voices of IBM volunteers: Darlene Templeton—IBM retiree, and CEO & Founder of the AMAZING Women Alliance and AMAZING Women’s Leaders Program

Part five in a series. After a 36 year career at IBM, Darlene Templeton used her expertise to found a leadership development organization for women, and also volunteers to help breast cancer survivors; IBM Community Grants support her work.

Voices of IBM volunteers: Anna Astakhishvili—IBM Performance Marketing Manager

Part three in a series. Volunteering is a natural fit for Anna Astakhishvili, who joined IBM three years ago in Austin, Texas, where she raises and trains guide dogs for the blind.

Voices of IBM volunteers: Traci Bermiss—IBM Worldwide Performance Marketing Manager

Part four in a series. Making use of IBM Activity Kits and Community Grants, Traci Bermiss is an active volunteer in her community, where she has led design thinking and cybersecurity workshops for young people.

Voices of IBM Volunteers: Mike Hollinger—IBM Master Inventor and Senior Technical Staff Member

Part one in a series. Mike Hollinger talks about using his problem-solving skills in a workshop to help bridge the technology gap and create career pathways for LGBT youth.

Voices of IBM volunteers: Bianca Perez—IBM Software Analyst

Part two in a series. Bianca Perez is passionate about volunteering—making use of IBM Community Grants to help organizations where she volunteers and IBM Activity Kits to grow interest in STEM with students in Austin, Texas.

IBM volunteer in India leads by example turning waste into black gold

Motivated by an innocent question from her daughter, Aishwarya Gupta learned about waste management practices and is now leading her community in implementing an effective composting program.

In South Africa, IBM volunteer helps young people try to avoid dangers of substance abuse

Stepping into an unfamiliar community, IBM volunteer Belinda Maistry created a youth program in an informal settlement in South Africa to help teens avoid substance abuse and find positive experiences; IBM Activity Kits play a role.

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