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IBMers have a long tradition of volunteering their time, skills and expertise with schools and community organizations worldwide. Inspiring accounts of their dedication and accomplishments are described in these stories of service.

Most recent stories are listed first.

Excellence award: IBM volunteers in Taiwan guide young people in career prep and giving back

IBM volunteers provide career guidance to university-aged youth volunteers bringing about education reform in rural Taiwan, while also giving them the methods to recruit their proteges. The IBM team received the Volunteer Excellence Award.

Excellence award: IBM volunteers lead and grow a mentoring program for university students in North Carolina

The Pathfinder Mentoring program has been an IBM volunteer-led initiative at North Carolina State University for 15 years—helping students with career guidance. The IBM volunteer team received a 2018 IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

Mission driven—IBM volunteers help veterans identify and prepare for civilian careers

For over ten years, IBM volunteers have been on a mission with American Corporate Partners to help veterans and their spouses transition from military to civilian careers. Three IBM volunteers share their experiences working with veteran proteges.

Excellence award: IBM volunteers in Japan help cancer patients tell their stories—providing strength in the shared experience

Thousands of people in Japan have heard the collected stories of cancer patients with help from IBM volunteers and a local NGO—providing strength in the shared experience. The IBM team received a 2018 IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

Excellence award: Taking Watson to class is a success for students and IBM volunteers in Spain

IBM volunteers lead "Watson goes to class" to introduce AI to students in schools in Madrid—making the topic part of educational requirements in Spain for the first time. The IBM volunteer team received a 2018 IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

IBM STEM camp for girls in Texas celebrates 17 years of tech activities and fun

Hammering a nail with a banana is one example of how girls at the IBM GIGAWOT camp in Texas are introduced to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The camp has been a fixture for girls and IBM volunteers in the Dallas area for 17 years.

One team: IBM volunteers and their business clients come together in a Week of Impact to serve their communities

Volunteers on IBM’s communications sector services team partnered with their business clients in eight cities to deliver service projects during their Week of Impact initiative in mid-September.

Excellence award: A tech bootcamp by IBM volunteers in the Philippines helps students learn new skills to change the world

A team of IBM volunteers lead the IBM Innovation Bootcamp in Cebu, Philippines, giving students access to technology, tools and practices to become makers of solutions. The IBM team received a 2018 IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

Excellence award: In Belgium, IBM volunteer creates organization to help battle education inequality

Rihab Hajjaji learned about an education gap impacting immigrant children in Belgium and in 2017 founded an organization to address the problem. Her NGO has been recognized as a best practice and she received a 2018 IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

IBM marketers in India provide expertise and activities for disadvantaged children

Working both behind the scenes and in the field, over 50 volunteers from the IBM Marketing Services Center in Bangalore, India, are helping a local NGO provide care for disadvantaged children.

Excellence award: IBM volunteer in Costa Rica raises profile of people with disabilities

Yohanna Alvarez is an active advocate for people with disabilities. Her IBM resource team has used high-visibility events to raise the profile of people with disabilities at IBM and in Costa Rica. She received the IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

Excellence award: Volunteers with expertise in analytics help organization enhance service delivery

While analytics are helping businesses innovate, a team of IBM volunteers is applying similar technology to help a not-for-profit improve its reach and quality of service. The team won the IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

Influencers help take IBM Activity Kits to the next level

IBM Activity Kits give volunteers a fast start with skills-based volunteering. New kits are on the way—shaped by IBM influencers.

Volunteer in Germany helps students build dreams by helping them build robots

One thing leads to another and ten years later, IBM volunteer David Roung has shared robotics and the excitement of STEM with hundreds of students in Hamburg, Germany.

Excellence award: Building the bridge, an IBM volunteer in Hong Kong helps close critical IT skills gap

In Hong Kong, nearly 100% of CIOs surveyed cited concern with IT skills for growth. Samson Tai, the IBM chief technology officer in Hong Kong, has spent years voluntarily and actively addressing the issue. He received an IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

Excellence award: IBM volunteers in India help create learning that knows no bounds

Personal leadership, technology and a desire to improve society are driving IBM volunteers with the Nirmaan organization in India to strengthen learning opportunities for students in rural conditions. The team won the IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

IBM marketers around the world answer the call for
service (again)

In 2019, IBM marketing teams will once again apply their expertise and skills in day of service initiatives to help local non-profit organizations—with some “days” lasting all year long.

The robotic story of a partnership by IBM, volunteers and an NGO in Germany

It didn’t start as a beautiful relationship, but eleven years later IBM and an NGO are helping thousands of young people in Germany learn about STEM through the World Robot Olympiad.

Excellence award: UK volunteer Dale Lane amplifies his impact around the world with a popular activity kit

Dale Lane created one of the most used IBM Activity Kits ever. Machine Learning for Kids is available in 12 languages, and on any school day hundreds of students around the world may be using it. Dale received a 2018 IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

Excellence award: Excellence award: Whales get “finger printed” thanks to IBM volunteers in Argentina

IBM volunteers in Argentina, led by German Santini, are using IBM Watson and advanced drone imagery to classify and catalog whales for a conservation organization. The IBM team received an IBM Volunteer Excellence Award

Excellence award: UK and US volunteers race the clock to build websites for NGOs

An unprofessional website can harm the best intentions of a not-for-profit. IBM volunteers in the UK and the US are working with 48in48 to help organizations create high quality websites. The volunteers received a 2018 IBM Volunteer Excellence Award.

All Things STEM—Voices of IBM volunteers: Puja Shankar, security specialist

Puja Shankar has been a volunteer helping with the Science Olympiad for nearly ten years. She brought her passion and commitment to a new school when the family moved.

2018 IBM Volunteer Excellence Award winners announced

IBM awards its highest form of volunteer recognition—the Volunteer Excellence Award—to 15 IBM teams and individuals around the world, honoring their community impact. NGO and school partners will receive a USD 10,000 grant as part of the award.

All Things STEM—Voices of IBM volunteers: Moira Casey, software engineer

Despite being near a hotbed of technical innovation, some students in Silicon Valley are not learning about the latest in technology. IBM volunteer Moira Casey and other IBM volunteers are helping close that gap.

IBM volunteers use AI in India to help girls recover from the trauma of human trafficking

Human trafficking impacts a person’s mind as well as body. A team of IBM researchers is using AI to accelerate the delivery of mental health services in India for girls recovering from the trauma of trafficking.

In Canada, IBM volunteers help high school students on their six-year journey to a tech degree.

Inspired by the need for practical knowledge and experience in technology and science, IBM volunteers in Canada are helping students at SNP Academy in Ontario acquire new collar skills for the new job market

All Things STEM—Voices of IBM volunteers: Vincent Cipollone on being a diversity role model

Part fourteen in a series. Last June, Vincent Cipollone volunteered to become a diversity role model facilitator for primary school children in London. The experience was “clear inspiration to do more.”

All Things STEM—Voices of IBM volunteers: In Malaysia, role models and a rover activity show kids the possibilities of STEM

Part fifteen in a series. IBM Volunteers spoke to Anita Devasahayam to learn about her experience leading a STEM activity for underprivileged children in a tough neighborhood in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

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