“Sometimes the situation
calls not for starting a new
activity, but rather helping
an existing activity,”
says Pete Gegen.

Part twelve in a series. “Voices of IBM Volunteers” is part of the SkillsBuild program to reach one million young people a year through STEM-related volunteering (the goal for 2018 was achieved in June). Watch the video (YouTube, 04:20)

The drive to close the global skills gap is among IBM’s most important initiatives. SkillsBuild calls on IBM volunteers to promote activities that enable digital literacy with young people, introduce them to hands-on problem solving, and sparks their interest in STEM learning—using resources and support on the IBM Volunteers web site .

In the series, IBM volunteers share their passion and perspective, in their own words, on what it means to be a volunteer and the positive impact we can all have on society.

IBM volunteer: Pete Gegen, IBM consulting services portfolio manager

Starting a Science Club

Continuing the theme that there is more to STEM than just technology and engineering, this article is on starting a science club. Science fairs probably come to mind first as the leading K-12 activity for science. But there are other clubs and activities that can give students experience with science.