IBMers have a long tradition of volunteering their time, skills and expertise with schools and community organizations worldwide. Inspiring accounts of their dedication and accomplishments are described in these stories of service.

Most recent stories are listed first.

Voices of IBM volunteers: Brent Shiver—IBM software engineer and board member at the Texas School for the Deaf Foundation

Last part in a series. Though a newcomer to IBM Volunteers, Brent Shiver now taps into the resources available on the website. He serves as a volunteer board member for an organization in Texas, applying his technology expertise in new ways.

Voices of IBM volunteers: Darlene Templeton—IBM retiree, and CEO & Founder of the AMAZING Women Alliance and AMAZING Women’s Leaders Program

Part five in a series. After a 36 year career at IBM, Darlene Templeton used her expertise to found a leadership development organization for women, and also volunteers to help breast cancer survivors; IBM Community Grants support her work.

Voices of IBM volunteers: Anna Astakhishvili—IBM Performance Marketing Manager

Part three in a series. Volunteering is a natural fit for Anna Astakhishvili, who joined IBM three years ago in Austin, Texas, where she raises and trains guide dogs for the blind.

Voices of IBM volunteers: Traci Bermiss—IBM Worldwide Performance Marketing Manager

Part four in a series. Making use of IBM Activity Kits and Community Grants, Traci Bermiss is an active volunteer in her community, where she has led design thinking and cybersecurity workshops for young people.

Voices of IBM Volunteers: Mike Hollinger—IBM Master Inventor and Senior Technical Staff Member

Part one in a series. Mike Hollinger talks about using his problem-solving skills in a workshop to help bridge the technology gap and create career pathways for LGBT youth.

Voices of IBM volunteers: Bianca Perez—IBM Software Analyst

Part two in a series. Bianca Perez is passionate about volunteering—making use of IBM Community Grants to help organizations where she volunteers and IBM Activity Kits to grow interest in STEM with students in Austin, Texas.

IBM volunteer in India leads by example turning waste into black gold

Motivated by an innocent question from her daughter, Aishwarya Gupta learned about waste management practices and is now leading her community in implementing an effective composting program.

In South Africa, IBM volunteer helps young people try to avoid dangers of substance abuse

Stepping into an unfamiliar community, IBM volunteer Belinda Maistry created a youth program in an informal settlement in South Africa to help teens avoid substance abuse and find positive experiences; IBM Activity Kits play a role.

IBM Centennial stories

Volunteer stories from our centennial year are available at the IBM History site.

Activity Kits

IBM’s volunteer Activity Kits include everything you need for a range of activities.

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