Through the delivery of integrated solutions by mobilized teams and inspired individuals, IBM reaches out to communities in their times of need. We offer our people and our solutions to help, whether in preparation for disaster or during response and recovery. IBMers have the desire, the leadership support and the training to serve. We get systems up and running, create new systems where needed and help people get back to the business of life.

See how IBM experts and employee volunteers partner with our NGO clients to help communities recover and rebuild after disasters.


Partnering with public, private and not-for-profit organizations with disaster-related missions.


Optimizing disaster operations using the world-class skills of IBMers worldwide.


Developing innovative solutions for disaster preparedness and response.


Offering a training course, available online, to help anyone prepare to be a disaster volunteer.


Volunteering individually and with our colleagues, who are generous with their time and money.

Disaster Volunteering Course

IBM offers a free, publicly available online course detailing the importance of disaster volunteering as well as opportunities to take part.