Walking On A Cloud

Introduce students to cloud-based programming with IBM Cloud

Activity Kit


  • Ages 11-14 (Middle grade students)
  • Ages 14-19 (Secondary/high school students)

What’s the goal of this kit?

  • Students can enjoy multiple hands-on Cloud-based programming projects
  • Students can learn about the Internet of Things and the world of Watson via the cloud-based platform of IBM Cloud.

Why is this topic important?

  • Students can experience ‘as-a-service’ offerings so prevalent in the industry, such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Database-as-a-Service, and Platform-as-a-Service.

What do I need to know about this activity?

This kit is a fun and industry-relevant extension to early computer programming curricula, and may expand over time with different types of labs. Currently there are two topics, so volunteers can choose which resonates best with them and with their students…

  1. Leverage or build knowledge in JavaScript and HTML to help students (ages 15-19) build a web app that utilizes Watson APIs.
  2. Leverage or build knowledge in Node-RED to help students (ages 11-14) connect to the Internet of Things.
  • This STEM activity requires a significant investment of volunteer time in order to provide lasting impact on young computer scientists.
  • No prior knowledge of IBM Cloud, Cloudant, or Node-RED is assumed or required – but the degree of familiarity with these services, along with JavaScript and HTML, will determine the amount of preparation time necessary.
  • Computers must be available to utilize the software exercises.
  • IBMers can apply volunteering hours to their THINK40 total.

Activity resources

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Languages available:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish (L.A.)

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