Summit Supercomputer and AI

Students will learn more about Cognitive technologies, High Performance Computing, the Artificial Intelligence Evolution and Summit, the world's fastest supercomputer

Graph showing correlation between Deep Learning, Machine Learning, AI and Analytics

This Activity Kit includes a presentation on AI and background to help students understand Summit and about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Over the last few years the term ‘Deep Learning’ has firmly worked its way into business language when the conversation is about Artificial Intelligence (AI), BigData, and Analytics.


  • Ages 14-19 (Secondary/high school students)
  • Adults

What’s the goal of this kit?

  • Better understand AI and how government and business can implement in applications that benefit our daily lives
  • Explain about Summit, the #1 Supercomputer and its technology. Having a clearer understanding of what this incredible system is really used for and some of the key underlying technologies that make it so powerful…especially for AI development.
  • Overview Deep Learning and what it is, including Power AI technology

Why is this topic important?

  • Today, we live in a world awash in data; our society has truly become “data-centric”. Better understanding data, what new technologies are being applied to get far more use and insight from all that data will help students as they move into their careers.
  • We see new forms of data coming from innumerable sources, directions, and speeds. In addition to more traditional technical computing environments such as High Performance Computing (HPC; aka “supercomputing”) used to solve very large, complex mathematical models, we are now employing much of those same technologies to apply to new forms of advanced data analytics.
  • What do I need to know about this activity?

    • Some background on Systems and understanding of AI will be helpful. But you don’t need to be an SME to talk w/ the students about Summit and AI. The notes in the presentation will provide details to share
    • This activity is ideal for volunteers who…
    • IBMers can apply volunteering hours to their THINK40 total.

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