Securing the Internet of Things

An IBMCyberDay4Girls Activity Kit - help raise cyber security awareness among students aged 11-14

Activity Kit Activity Kit

This program is designed to help raise cyber security awareness among students aged 11-14 who are at the critical juncture when many begin opting out of science and math.


  • Ages 11-14 (Middle grade students)- focus on girls

What’s the goal of this kit?

  • The goal is to capture imaginations by offering encouragement and support to counteract the social and peer pressures that discourage too many talented young people, especially women, from pursuing their interests in STEM.

Why is this topic important?

  • Understanding the risks associated with the use of Internet connected devices and apps is critical to safely enjoying the benefits and conveniences that they bring to our everyday living.

What do I need to know about this activity?

  • While cybersecurity experience is an asset in delivering this kit, it is not required.
  • The kit is designed such that anyone with a passion for this topic can learn and teach the material. This activity is ideal for volunteers who…
    • Have a passion for teaching student about protecting their data, their online identities, and their digital engagement
    • Want to help make the world a safer place

What’s the Commitment?

  • Time required: 1 to 3 hours to learn the material (prepare and rehearse), and 1 hour to present
  • The threat modelling exercise requires pen and paper only.
  • IBMers can apply volunteering hours to their THINK40 total.

Activity resources

  • Presentation: Securing the Internet of Things
  • Start Guide: Securing the Internet of Things
  • Threat Modelling Worksheet
  • IBM developerWorks TV has videos that may help you engage students on STEM topics:
  • Frequently Asked Questions about volunteer activity kits