Education & workforce development

IBM is dedicated to helping further education and workforce development
through programs created to assist veterans, teachers and students.


Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools (P-TECH) is a system of innovative public schools from grades 9 to 14 that bring together the best elements of education and career.


This program offers returning veterans IBM i2 Analytics Software training, opportunities for data analyst certification, and career placement assistance in this growing field.

Teacher Advisor With Watson

Launching in 2016, this breakthrough application uses IBM Watson cognitive computing technology to provide teachers with guidance and mentorship.

Teachers TryScience

Teachers can access hundreds of free lessons, teaching strategies and resources designed to spark students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

University Relations

IBM provides access to software, course materials and experts to help universities improve and extend their curricula, focused on skills students need in today’s job market.

Citizen diplomacy, cities & employee engagement

Various initiatives, from outright grants to community development
programs, directly and positively impact and improve society and the environment.

Impact Grants

IBM has delivered nearly 2,000 grants worldwide since 2010, bringing sophisticated capabilities to nonprofit organizations to help them serve their communities more effectively.

On Demand Community

Our volunteering initiative supports IBMers’ engagements with schools and community organizations. Nearly 20 million volunteer hours have been logged since 2003.

Corporate Service Corps

Teams of IBMers from around the world visit developing countries for month-long projects on economic development, environmental issues and other challenges.

Smarter Cities Challenge

IBM’s largest philanthropic initiative deploys experts to cities worldwide, helping address critical challenges by developing recommendations for becoming smarter and more effective.

Supplier Connection

Supplier Connection has been instrumental in helping small businesses grow and create jobs by connecting them to large companies’ supply chains.

Community health & wellness

Our programs were designed to encourage and accelerate research to
help scientists solve problems with world health issues.

IBM Health Corps

IBM deploys experts to work with health organizations, applying cognitive computing tools and analytics to expand healthcare access and improve health systems.

SafetyNet with Nonprofits

When fully operable, this service will use the IBM Curam solution to help settlement houses, community organizations and other providers of social services to be more effective.

World Community Grid

This virtual supercomputer aggregates donated computing power from PCs and mobile devices, making it available to researchers seeking solutions to a range of critical global issues.

Environment & disasters

As a global company with employees in over 127 countries, IBM is
committed to working with communities on various disaster relief and resiliency efforts.


We provide technology, research and expertise to address environmental and sustainability challenges for our company, our clients and the world.


Integrating advanced technologies with the expertise of IBMers, we deliver essential components of what it takes for affected areas and individuals to regroup, rebuild and recover.

2015 Corporate Responsibility Report

IBM's approach to corporate responsibility reflects our business — applied technology, continuous transformation and sustainable change. Our 2015 report details the impact of our efforts worldwide.