Managing risk, maintaining trust

The economic news of the past several months have provided a compelling reminder of the importance of trust and personal responsibility for our company, our industry, business at large—and the health of the global economy.

When transparency, accountability and trust break down, a lot breaks down with them. The enormous promise of a smarter planet rests not most importantly on technology, but on increasingly open, collaborative and trust-based relationships spanning vast global systems—systems that, by definition, cannot be controlled by a single entity.

At a time when public confidence in business has been seriously diminished, IBM believes more than ever that maintaining the highest standards of ethics, transparency and accountability are essential to our continued growth worldwide. Fundamental to maintaining those high standards is effective enterprise risk management.

Key 2008 Corporate Responsibility Initiatives

In 2008, our corporate governance efforts focused on developing a systematic approach to Enterprise Risk Management as well as a Corporate Trust and Compliance Web site.

Governance of Corporate Responsibility: Maintaining the highest ethical standards

At IBM, Senior Management is responsible for corporate citizenship, which is integrated across the business through two units.

Culture of Trust: Corporate Trust and Compliance Web site allows employees to report concerns

IBM launched a Web resource that allows employees worldwide to report violations of company policies.

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