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Maintaining the highest ethical standards

IBM Senior Management is ultimately responsible for our economic, environmental and social performance, as well as compliance with the law and our various codes of conduct. The IBM Board and its Committees oversee these efforts and review performance and compliance periodically.

Corporate citizenship at IBM is integrated across the business through the following two forums:

Corporate Citizenship Steering Committee

Our Corporate Citizenship Steering Committee is comprised of senior executives from functional areas across the business and chaired by the vice president for Corporate Citizenship. The Committee meets periodically to provide leadership and direction on key citizenship issues. Each functional area is responsible for the development of its own corporate citizenship goals and strategy, with organizational-wide goals approved by the Steering Committee.

Corporate Citizenship Working Group

Our Corporate Citizenship Working Group consists of representatives from 11 functional areas (including global representation) and meets at least monthly to manage IBM’s corporate citizenship activities, reporting and stakeholder engagement across the company. The Working Group reviews key policy and strategic decisions with the Steering Committee throughout the year.

On a day-to-day basis our activities are managed in an organization called Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs, which reports to the senior vice president for Marketing and Communications.

Stakeholder engagement

At IBM, we view stakeholder engagement as much more than communications and consultation. For us, it is about partnership and collaboration—working shoulder to shoulder with communities, governments and the social sector. Here are a few examples:

  • Our Global Innovation Outlook brings together thought leaders from business, academia, government and the social sector to uncover breakthrough opportunities for business and societal partnership.
  • Jams, our large-scale electronic conversations, garner stakeholder input and engagement on a scale previously not possible in real time—accelerating the development of new business and societal solutions to problems such as water quality or healthcare.
  • We use a variety of social media to help us more deeply engage with our extended IBM workforce and community. This includes our retirees through the IBM On Demand Community, our online system of community engagement, and a range of in-depth social partnerships as we beta test technology breakthroughs with community organizations, teachers, students and parents worldwide.

We actively seek out organizations that are taking similarly innovative, global, open and collaborative approaches to corporate citizenship and sustainability. Our memberships include:

  • AmCham-China CSR Committee
  • Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (IBM is a Board Member)
  • Business for Social Responsibility
  • China Corporate Citizenship Committee
  • Chinese Federation for Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Confederation of Indian Industry National Committee on CSR
  • CSR Europe (IBM is a Board Member)
  • Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (IBM is the Chair)
  • European Academy of Business in Society (IBM is a Board Member)
  • Global Leadership Network (IBM is an initiator and founding member)
  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development
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