Global employees, global citizens

Even in the current economic downturn, IBM continues to invest in our workforce—providing our employees with skills training, health and wellness programs, and opportunities to gain global experience.

The speed at which our business is changing is unprecedented, and each year we move thousands of people into jobs that are very different from what they were hired to do.

IBM has a large knowledge-based business, so we must constantly evolve employee skills based on market demand. There are three fundamental ways that we re-mix our skills as requirements change:

First, we retrain and evolve skills from within. In 2008 we spent over $600M in training and development—$1,700 per employee—to enable the company to shift thousands of people into new skill areas.

Second, we hire externally and where there is significant opportunity we make acquisitions. Over the past decade, IBM has made 100 acquisitions.

Finally, where we need to—when we have people in a skill area or geography where client demand does not support it—we rebalance skills and make reductions.

As we continue to evolve as a global enterprise, certain challenges remain ongoing: How do we manage and facilitate employee transitions in an increasingly complex world? And how do we remain engaged with IBMers spread across disparate locations and time zones—to foster innovation and collaboration among our richly diverse workforce?

IBM has announced a number of commitments on an enterprise level for 2009:

  • Investing in salary increases for employees—although not for executives.
  • Continuing to offer performance-based bonus programs for all employees—not just executives and managers—at amounts comparable to the prior year.
  • Continuing to hire in selected skill groups in all markets.

50% of IBM’s nearly 400,000 employees have less than five years of service

40% of IBM employees work remotely, either from home or at a client site

8.6 million of volunteer hours logged through the On Demand Community by IBM employees and retirees

Key 2008 Corporate Responsibility Initiatives

In 2008, we focused on several employee programs in the areas of employee learning and development, employee engagement, diversity and health and wellness.

Global Mentoring: IBMers learning from each other

In the new workforce model the “workplace” can be anywhere, so we’re developing innovative ways to facilitate knowledge sharing among IBMers worldwide.

Transition to Teaching: IBMers pursue second careers in math and science education

Transition to Teaching addresses the critical shortage of math and science teachers—and helps IBMers transfer into rewarding “encore” careers.

Point of View
Fed Experience Program

WEB EXCLUSIVE Personalized Learning Accounts: IBMers manage their own opportunities to learn new skills

IBMers in the U.S. have Personalized Learning Accounts to fund their continuing education, with IBM contributing up to $1,000 annually.

WEB EXCLUSIVE Your IBM+ Employee Orientation: New program focuses on the total experience

More than an orientation program, this complete package of learning and development activities supports IBMers during their critical first two years.

Diversity 3.0: A New Charter

In July 2008, IBM announced a new diversity strategy to address the ever-changing realities of the global marketplace.

Health & Wellness: Cardiovascular and Diabetes Wellness Camps in India

This preventative program for our employees focuses on the high risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Point of View
Technology standards for people with disabilities

WEB EXCLUSIVE Tamoxifen Cancer Research: New investigation furthers personalized medicine

Collaborating with Medco, IBM studied how employees’ metabolic traits affect how they react to drug treatments for blood clots and breast cancer.

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