The following data includes the Key Performance Indicators associated with our Employees performance area. We report our corporate responsibility performance with various financial and non-financial metrics, or key performance indicators (KPIs), to help define and measure progress toward our goals. We also report on additional metrics, which can be found in a summary view on our Performance Data Summary page within this section.

Global Contributions

We continue to focus on emphasizing technology and services contributions worldwide. Non-U.S. Contributions continue to increase in accordance with strategy.

Goal: Maintain or increase total level of contributions globally, as well as the percentage of technology and services and the percentage contributed outside of the U.S.

2008 Contributions by Issue ($M)
Culture $10.5
Environment $2.2
Health $4.0
Higher/Other Education ** $82.6
Human Services $15.3
K-12 Education $45.4
Other* $19.3
* Includes Community and Economic Development activity for Carson, SMB and Corporate Services Corps.
** Includes Academic Initiatives software donations.
2008 Contributions by Type ($M)
Cash $42.9
Technical Services/Personnel $42.9
Technology $93.8
2008 Contributions by Geography ($M)
Asia Pacific $24.4
Canada $3.4
Europe, Middle East & Africa $44.4
Latin America $12.5
U.S. $94.6
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