IBM is a values-based enterprise of individuals who create and apply technology to make the world work better. Today, about 400,000 IBMers around the world invent and integrate hardware, software and services to enable forward-thinking enterprises, institutions and people everywhere to succeed on a smarter planet.

Major Operations

  • Global Technology Services
    Primarily provides outsourced IT infrastructure services and business process services.
  • Global Business Services
    Primarily provides professional services and application outsourcing services.
  • Systems and Technology
    Provides clients with solutions that require advanced computing power and storage capabilities, as well as leading semiconductor technology and products.
  • Software
    Consists primarily of middleware that enables clients to integrate systems, processes and applications, and operating systems software that runs computers.
  • Other
    Our Sales organization and our Research, Development and Intellectual Property organization also deliver value to clients.

Our Values

Since its inception, IBM has been a company that defines itself by fundamental values—not by products, technologies or leaders. Today, shared values are more essential than ever before—for enterprises, for individuals and for the globally integrating society of the 21st century. In 2003, IBMers worldwide came together to renew and define our core values, which now serve as the foundation of IBM’s culture and brand, and the guide for each IBMer’s work, decisions and relationships.

IMBers Value

  • Dedication to every client's success.
  • Innovation that matters—for our company and for the world.
  • Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.

IBM’s Transformation

IBM entered this economic period from a position of strength because of the changes we’ve made to our business. Today IBM operates in more than 170 countries, has approximately 400,000 employees, and recorded $103.6 billion in revenue in 2008. IBM is very different from what it was 10—or even five—years ago.

  1. Among the most important drivers of IBM’s transformation has been an increasing clarity and focus in our business strategy and in our values-based culture to support that strategy.
  2. Our mix of technologies and businesses is significantly different.
    • › We remixed our portfolio toward services, software and solutions.
    • › We invested more than $50B in R&D and acquired more than 100 companies from 2000–2008.
  3. We have transformed our processes and the way we run the company.
    • › A major part of this shift has been to build a 21st century workforce.
    • › Hired more than 250,000 new employees in the past five years.
    • › Increased learning opportunities.
    • › And improved our ability to effectively deploy the expert skills of IBMers.

    The Professional Marketplace: An application used to quickly deploy talent to clients, organizes the work history and skills of IBMers into 8,100 specialized skill sets that include 17 industries and areas of expertise from business intelligence and analytics to virtualization and green solutions. The application also contains languages spoken, visa, status and availability.

  4. And our financial results demonstrate the impact of this transformation.
    • › 2008 revenue was a record $103.6 billion, up five percent, and we delivered a pre-tax margin of 16.1 percent, four points above our results in 2000.
Segment Pre-Tax Income Mix 2000 2008
Software 25% 40%
Services 40% 42%
Hardware 24% 9%
Financing 10% 9%
Year Learning hours per employee
2004 46
2005 55
2006 55
2007 58
2008 61
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