We are leaders in environmental responsibility, both in how we manage our own operations and in the solutions that we develop to address sustainability challenges for our clients and the world.

Global environmental management system

We maintain a strong global environmental management system to identify and effectively manage the potential environmental impact of IBM’s operations.

Climate protection and energy conservation

We have been a leader in addressing climate change through our energy conservation and climate protection programs for more than four decades.


We apply our expertise, resources, research and innovation to help discover solutions to some of the world’s most challenging environmental problems.

Corporate citizenship

We collaborate with a wide range of partners, applying technology and expertise to help address societal challenges with solutions whose impact is broad, measurable and sustainable.

Supply chain

Social and environmental responsibility is an important part of our relationships with suppliers worldwide. We work closely with them to ensure compliance and encourage improvement.

Social responsibility

We recognize that our company's sizable purchasing power is a resource that we must manage responsibly — and we do.

Conflict minerals

We work to achieve a supply chain free of minerals originating in conflict regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Environmental standards

IBM has embedded environmental checkpoints into every aspect of our procurement process and has done so for many years.


Our corporate culture is based on ethics and integrity, with management guided by our values and a rigorous system of corporate governance in how we conduct business and manage risk.


IBM invests in IBMers, with a range of programs to promote diversity, support personal well-being and enable professional development in our global workforce.

Diversity & inclusion

Our enduring commitment goes beyond fair hiring practices, to focus on how disparate pieces create an integrated, innovative whole.

Employee well-being

Our health management system reflects a commitment to the whole employee — at work, at home and as a member of a community.

Leadership development

Leadership is for everyone at IBM, so we continuously transform programs to meet changing needs and skillset requirements.

2015 Corporate Responsibility Report

IBM's approach to corporate responsibility reflects our business — applied technology, continuous transformation and sustainable change. Our 2015 report details the impact of our efforts worldwide.