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We are reinventing education for the era of AI and helping to prepare young people around the world for the jobs of tomorrow.

P-TECH graduate Gabriel Rosa with
IBM mentor Maria Arbusto



P-TECH will reach over 75,000 students at nearly 120 schools in 2018.


P-TECH builds new-collar skills

As a kid, Gabriel Rosa thought tech was fun and might make a career. By 14 he was an inaugural P-TECH freshman, at 16 an IBM intern and now he’s among 17 P-TECH grads we’ve hired full-time. He’s working on a four-year degree and more: “In five years I hope to be managing a team at IBM.”

We helped launch P-TECH in 2011 at one Brooklyn high school, working with the New York City Department of Education and The City University of New York. The groundbreaking six-year model integrates high school and college coursework with internships and mentoring from companies like IBM to provide job-ready skills, work experience and a no-cost associate degree. P-TECH included 90 schools in 2017 and will reach nearly 120 in 2018 — across eight US states, Australia, Morocco and Taiwan — with over 500 corporate sponsors.

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All in one package you get an associate degree, professional skills and work experience.

Gabriel Rosa

P-TECH graduate and IBMer


A few words from the class of ’17

We’re proud of P-TECH but it’s the students whose work transforms opportunity into achievement. The 2017 graduates include new IBMers, full-time students and more. IBM congratulates them all.


Lisnerva Nuez
Teacher Advisor user


New tool for school

Teacher Advisor With Watson uses AI to provide lesson plans, activities and other teaching resources quickly and easily. The free online tool responds to teachers’ inquiries with targeted suggestions from a library curated for quality by UnboundEd, a nonprofit education organization. We launched in 2017 covering math for ages 5-11, registered 10,000 users in seven months, and will add middle-school math (ages 12-14) in 2018.


“As a veteran, I know cybersecurity is national security.”

Chris Greifenberger is among 500-plus military veterans we trained and certified in IBM data analyst software free of charge in 2017. Cybersecurity and data intelligence are prototypical new-collar fields, with demand for skills outpacing supply. Our program has placed more than 100 veterans from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada in analyst jobs at over 30 organizations — including Chris, a new IBMer.


Chris Greifenberger
US Army veteran and IBM business analyst


Our report includes a complete list of recent awards.


Change the World

Fortune recognized 50 companies worldwide that integrate innovative social activities with business strategies, citing IBM for P-Tech.

Education Commission of the States

An ECS 2017 Corporate Award recognized IBM’s sustained commitment to US public education, citing P-TECH and Teacher Advisor.

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