At IBM we believe that we are only as strong as our people — our ability to better serve our clients and our communities depends upon employee well-being. Reflecting this, our culture of health and safety spans every aspect of our global business. Our systems and programs are widely accessible and in sync with IBMers’ changing needs — how and where they work and live. As employee needs and global environments evolve, we continue to transform our total health management system, incorporating the latest technology advances to deliver demonstrable value to employees’ lives. In 2016, we continued to advance our initiatives worldwide.

IBM Germany’s holistic approach to well-being

IBM Germany was recognized not only for their outstanding health promotion and health management, but also for the holistic approach of the integrated health concept and in-depth risk assessment for stress and psycho-social aspects at work. For the third time, IBM Germany received the prestigious Corporate Health Award (CHA) from the German government, in addition to special recognition for the “best digital workplace health management” over strong competition. The innovative approach to risk assessment involved a combination of an IBM-customized online questionnaire and targeted workshops to identify work-related risk factors that were used to develop improvement opportunities. Active involvement of employees and management was the key to success.

Safety awareness initiatives reduced accidents in Brazil

IBM Brazil reduced accidents/incidents by 15.49 percent in their “SAFETYFIRST” campaign, creating awareness through bulletin boards, communities, IBM TV and IBM News. Brief video themes for seat belt safety, responsible cellular phone use and road-crossing safety tips provided engaging methods to deliver safety messages in the SAFETYFIRST campaign.

IBM China hosts World Hepatitis Day

The World Hepatitis Day event, organized by the Beijing Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University, was hosted at the headquarters of the IBM Greater China Group (GCG) in July 2016.

Hepatitis is a major disease in China. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 90 million Chinese are infected by chronic hepatitis B. Among the first in China, IBM has implemented a hepatitis B program including a non-discriminatory policy and company-paid hepatitis B vaccinations since the 1990s. Considered a role model for hepatitis prevention and control in the Chinese workplace, IBM was selected to host the 2016 event.

Many stakeholders including WHO and local CDC officers, representatives from the Asian Liver Center, as well as external volunteers, media and IBM employees and family members attended this event. Liming Chen, IBM GCG chairman, gave the opening speech.

IBM hepatitis B vaccination

IBM’s successful hepatitis B vaccination program at this IBM office and others, is due to employee engagement in their well-being.

Bureau Veritas recertifies IBM’s Well-being Management System

IBM’s Well-Being Management System (WBMS) reaches IBMers globally with coordinated and consistent delivery of health and safety objectives across all geographies and time zones. First implemented in 1999, this foundational architecture is framed around IBM’s corporate policy of responsibility for employee well-being and product safety. Following International Organization for Standardization (ISO) consensus standards, system components include proactive planning, execution excellence, measurement, and continuous improvement in the areas of employee health and well-being.

External certification of IBM’s WBMS through the Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services (OHSAS) 18001 certification process has helped improve the quality and consistency of our global implementation of well-being. Recertification was awarded to IBM in 2016 by Bureau Veritas. This provides IBM the ongoing ability to fulfill marketplace demands and foster business opportunities through a standardized approach to managing employee well-being to existing and potential clients.

Additionally, all of IBM’s hardware research and development operations in the United States were recognized once again as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Programs star sites. Designed to promote worksite-based safety and health, OSHA’s highest honor recognizes outstanding programs and results.


  • The Taiwan Government recognized IBM Taiwan with one of the Top 5 Taipei Health Workplace Excellence awards.

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