IBM incorporates social and environmental responsibility in our relationships with approximately 12,000 suppliers in nearly 100 countries. We recognize the potential for progress in a supply chain of this scale, and invest in a range of initiatives to promote sustainable performance as a shared objective.

IBM’s global supplier spending was $24.7 billion, down $1.1 billion in 2016, affected by decreased revenue across IBM’s product and services lines, and from leveraging marketplace pricing opportunities. Production Procurement and Logistics Procurement had a significant decrease driven by lower sales in IBM’s hardware portfolio. Spending with our Services and General Procurement suppliers remained flat year to year.

2016 supplier spending by category

2016 supplier spending by category 82% Services & general procurement ($20.3B) 15% Production procurement ($3.8B) 3% Logistics procurement ($0.6B)

2016 supplier spending by location

2016 supplier spending by location 43% North America ($10.6B) 29% Asia Pacific ($7.3B) 23% Europe, Middle East, Africa ($5.6B) 5% Latin America ($1.2B)

The following lists of suppliers — with links to their responsibility reports and/or related websites — represent a significant portion of IBM’s global expenditures.

In 2016, half of our suppliers listed below published corporate responsibility reports, and nearly 85 percent of those published are mapped to the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines — with most to the latest G4 criteria. We encourage our suppliers without public reporting to take that step as a means to further expand the transparency of the supply chain.

In 2016, slightly over 90 percent of our global spending in Production and Logistics Procurement (in support of our hardware and logistics business operations) occurred with the following 50 firms:

In Services and General Procurement (supporting our software, services and overall operations) approximately 45 percent of our global spending was with the following 50 firms:

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