Our Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain

With more than 18,000 suppliers located in close to 100 countries, social and environmental responsibility is a major component of our corporate responsibility efforts and is incorporated into our business relationships with valued suppliers.

IBM’s supply chain is a strategic asset that enables us to deliver consistently high-quality goods and services to our customers on a local and global level. We are very aware of the importance that comes with having a supply chain of this scale and have crafted our social responsibility efforts in unison with our providers to promote sustainable performance as a shared objective. And to this end, in light of the increased interest many stakeholders have in our global supply chain, we continue to enhance our initiatives described here.

Supplier spending: $32.8 billion total in 2013


As in prior years, we are providing the following lists of suppliers that represent a significant portion of our expenditures. Feedback we have received from stakeholders indicates this is useful information, as it expands their understanding of IBM’s extended supply chain. In the spirit of further enhancing the dialog on the transformational aspects of our joint efforts, we are including links to our suppliers’ own Corporate Responsibility Reports and/or related websites. We encourage all of our suppliers to create and publish these reports as they serve to enrich our collective knowledge of the many successful endeavors taking place to improve social and environmental performance in the extended supply chain.

In 2013, approximately 90 percent of our global spend in Production and Logistics Procurement (in support of our hardware and logistics business operations) occurred with the following firms:

In Services and General Procurement (in support of our software, services, and overall operations) approximately 45 percent of our global spend was with the following firms: