Industry Collaboration

Industry Collaboration

At IBM, we understand the importance of working together with other parties who share our vision of making sustained improvements to transform the extended supply chain.

In 2013, IBM’s involvement with the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) continued to expand in terms of support, participation, and utilization of the organization’s numerous resources. Founded in 2004 and incorporated in 2007 as a nonprofit industry group, the EICC continues to make strides toward its ultimate goal of creating a sector that consistently operates in a socially and environmentally responsible fashion. As a founding member, IBM encourages its suppliers of products and services to join the group and participate in the development and deployment of resources aimed at driving improvements in social responsibility. At the end of 2013, the EICC added more than 10 new members to grow to nearly 90 total member companies across retail, electronics, software, logistics, and communication industries, representing five distinct tiers of the extended supply chain. Last year, IBM completed its two terms of volunteer service as chair of the EICC board of directors, and expanded its representation in a number of working groups including Learning and Capability Building, Conflict Minerals, Asia Program Outreach, Governance Taskforce, Finance Committee, and the Executive Committee.

Through the collective efforts of its members and support partners, the EICC attained the following notable accomplishments in 2013:

IBM has also actively engaged with local and regional organizations that share a common interest in facilitating improvements in supply-chain social responsibility. Our most robust example of this is in Mexico, where we work with three regional organizations in the Guadalajara/Jalisco region. Jalisco’s electronic cluster plays a key role in Mexico’s economic development and contributes significantly to Mexico’s gross domestic product. IBM engages in diverse collaboration mechanisms, such as industry chambers, and in common projects to help increase the social responsibility of the sector in Mexico. For three consecutive years, IBM has collaborated with Red ACTIVO Sustentable, a Mexican nonprofit organization dedicated to helping small and medium enterprises develop socially responsible capabilities to drive economic, environmental, and sustainable growth. IBM has developed training materials and learning methodologies for workshops, as part of our longstanding commitment to corporate social responsibility. During 2013, more than 200 companies from different industry sectors located in the Jalisco region attended workshops on corporate social responsibility.

“As a leader in CSR, IBM has contributed to ACTIVO by developing a model for implementation of socially responsible practices in Jalisco’s industry. IBM has demonstrated a great commitment and strong belief by leading the agenda of this project. IBM’s participation has been determinate for the success of our project.” Carolina Zatarain, director, ACTIVO
IBM also maintains a long-term collaborative relationship with Centro de Reflexión y Acción Laboral, a nongovernmental organization located in Mexico. Through frequent meetings and open communication, we are addressing in a constructive manner areas of mutual concern regarding working conditions in our regional IBM supply chain.