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Industry Collaboration

In 2011, IBM grew its engagement with the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC). Founded in 2004, and incorporated in 2007 as a non-profit industry group, the EICC has continued to make strides toward its objective of having a sector that consistently operates in a socially and environmentally responsible fashion. As one of the founding members, IBM has encouraged its suppliers to join the group and participate in the development and deployment of its code of conduct and utilize the available tools to drive improvements in compliance. At year-end, the EICC consisted of 65 international companies in the electronics, software, logistics and communications industries, representing five tiers of business. IBM continued to serve as Chair of the Board of Directors, and expanded its representation in a number of working groups including Learning and Capability Building, Extractives/Conflict Minerals, Asia Program outreach, Governance Taskforce and the Finance Committee. Through the collective efforts of 65 companies the EICC reached the following notable accomplishments in 2011:

  • Expanded the Validated Audit Program to cover 19 countries.
  • Commissioned creation of two additional supply chain training programs on Health and Safety and Worker Management Communications
  • Refined and expanded its carbon reporting system for supply chains.
  • Developed and deployed analytical tools for use in identifying conflict minerals in the supply chain.

In addition to participating in the EICC, IBM is also active in two regional organizations in the Guadalajara/Jalisco region of central Mexico. Jalisco’s electronic cluster plays a key role in Mexico’s development as well as contributing to Mexico’s GDP. IBM, along with other major electronic companies, have established collaboration mechanisms through industry chambers, CADELEC and CANIETI: CADELEC (Cadena Productiva de la Electronica)—(Electronic’s Productive Chain) and CANIETI (Camara Nacional de la Industria Electronica y Tecnologias de Informacion)—(National Chamber of Electronic Industry and Information Technologies). IBM has active participation on both chambers and was a founding member of CADELEC.

Through these chambers IBM actively participates and collaborates in different activities ranging from teaming with universities to develop the skills required by the electronic industry, working with government (local and federal) to design and promote economic incentives, and more recently social responsibility by evaluating local and regional suppliers’ practices and providing education through seminars and dedicated workshops on CSR.

Through these groups there is engagement for industry stakeholders, and open communication channels are maintained with local NGOs providing a direct link between EICC members operating in Mexico and these parties. IBM’s collaboration now provides a wider dimension on the Jalisco community since the chambers’ seminars and workshops are open not only to the electronic industry suppliers but also to other industry sectors such as construction, footwear and jewelry manufacturing.

65 international companies, representing five tiers of the supply chain make up the EICC.