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Public Policy

In seeking to build and transform the business and societal systems by which our planet works, IBM is deeply engaged with many of the most urgent issues facing the world today.

In this work, we are necessarily drawn into deep collaboration across civil society—working with lawmakers, regulators, public officials and civic leaders and contributing our expertise, experience and perspective.

One example of this from 2011 is IBM’s work with international governing bodies on the development of transparent and high-quality international rules, norms and best practices to govern cross-border data flows. In the United States alone, the goods, services and content flowing through the Internet have been responsible for 15 percent of GDP growth over the past five years, according to the National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC). Other countries have seen similar trends. In order to sustain and promote this global commercial activity, a global approach is needed to create a framework that instills trust and confidence in online transactions, supported by appropriate government rules, public-private partnerships and responsible approaches by commercial entities.

And so in 2011, IBM and other companies joined with the NFTC to develop a set of United States business community policy priorities for modernizing the international trade rules and practices governing cross-border flows of data and information. By working to enable data flows and remove unnecessary restrictions, such rules could help create greater opportunities for users to safely and reliably reap the benefits of the Internet, cloud computing, business analytics and other applications of information and communication.

15% of GDP growth in the United States alone has come from goods, services and content flowing through the Internet over the past five years.