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A Commitment to Environmental Leadership

IBM’s longstanding commitment to environmental leadership arises from two key aspects of its business: the intersection of the company’s operations and products with the environment, and the enabling aspects of IBM’s innovation, technology and expertise.

IBM’s operations can affect the environment in a number of ways. For example, the chemicals needed for research, development and manufacturing must be properly managed from selection and purchase through storage, use and disposal. Our data center operations are generally energy-intensive, and some of our manufacturing processes use a considerable amount of energy, water or both. We continually look for ways to reduce consumption of these and other resources.

We design our products to be energy-efficient, using environmentally preferable materials that are capable of being reused, recycled or disposed of safely at the end of their useful lives. And as we incorporate more purchased parts and components into our products, our requirements for suppliers’ overall environmental responsibility and the environmental attributes of the goods those suppliers provide to IBM are important as well.

IBM also applies its expertise, research and technology to develop solutions that can help our company and our clients be more efficient and protective of the environment. We offer the resulting innovation to help the world discover leading-edge solutions to some of the world’s most challenging scientific and environmental problems.

This section describes IBM’s 2011 programs and performance in the following environmental areas: