IBM general statement

Several U.S. states require manufacturers to create programs for no-charge product recycling for certain electronic equipment, for example, personal computers, computer monitors and in some states peripherals and related accessories that they have manufactured and sold.

IBM participates in a variety of product take back for recycling programs, including programs in certain states where individuals can ship their IBM logoed computer products and peripherals through the GEODIS Preferred Network and their third party collection provider DNA Group, LLC to IBM’s approved recyclers. IBM does not charge a fee at the time of collection or afterward for this service. Please use the drop down menu below to determine if IBM or your state has a no–charge product recycling program at this time.

Once you have determined that a program is available in your state, please follow the directions to ship your IBM logoed computer products and covered peripherals and accessories for recycling.

Important: For the purposes of this recycling program, damaged or otherwise non-functional IBM logoed personal computers, monitors, and covered peripherals and accessories may be shipped except as follows.

Cracked or broken monitor screens or any product showing visible leakage (example: leaking or corroded batteries) cannot be accepted for shipment. Contact your local municipal hazardous waste facility for proper handling and disposal of such products.

Before submitting your computer for take-back, you must remove all personal or confidential information from your hard drive. IBM and its suppliers are not responsible for erasing, deleting or removing your personal or confidential information from the hard drive of your computer products. Consider using data wiping software to erase your hard drive prior to submitting it for take-back. Alternatively, you can remove the hard drive before submitting your computer for take-back. Some states provide guidance, as well as the names of particular data wiping software products, on their home pages or in Frequently Asked Questions about their programs.

Other Environmental Programs

Cryptographic Coprocessor Card Return Program

IBM has established a program for the return of certain IBM Cryptographic Coprocessor Cards. The mercury information sheet includes information about this program and the part numbers of the cards for which the program is applicable. Contact IBM at for more information on the return of these cards.