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Choosing your infrastructure

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Meeting the PureSystems family

IBM PureSystems offerings are designed to deliver value throughout the IT lifecycle. Specifically, they create important efficiencies in terms of system setup, operation and maintenance for lower total cost of ownership while reducing IT complexity and sprawl. IBM PureSystems offerings give you the ability to tune and automate systems in a way that aligns them with your unique business requirements. The result is an integrated system of expertise that can provide your organization with increased agility, efficiency, simplicity and control.

Evolving IT system infrastructure


To stay competitive, businesses must consistently drive innovation. IBM PureFlex System offers the simplicity, control, agility and efficiency they need to take their IT infrastructure to the next level.

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IBM PureData System tour


IBM vice president of product management and strategy discusses the value of PureData System.

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From complicated to cost-effective


Choosing the right application platform can be confusing, and building one costly and complex. IBM PureApplication System offers unique patterns of expertise to simplify your cloud deployment.

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IBM PureApplication System tour


IBM chief architect Jason McGee details how to use PureApplication System.

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Transaction and analytics challenges


Build, optimize and manage your data systems with speed, simplicity and efficiency, in traditional and cloud environments.

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