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IBM PureSystems in action

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Demonstrating PureSystems family functionality

Take a more in-depth, detailed look at at some of the specific capabilities that IBM PureSystems technology can extend to your organization. From integrating with existing IT investments to helping you with monitoring and compliance, these product demos will give you an excellent view into how IBM PureSystems offerings can transform your IT strategy.

Tuned for transactions


A look inside at the PureApplication System management console capabilities.

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Simplify sales environment with the web commerce pattern


How PureApplication System helps retailers keep up with consumer demand, optimize the sales experience, and manage variable workloads.

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Flexible management


IBM Flex System Manager appliance offers expertise to intelligently manage your physical and virtual environment.

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IBM Flex System Manager: Mobile access demo


A native mobile application offers real-time status, alerts and other capabilities from your smartphone to deliver greater control and visibility.

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Harness the power of big data


IBM PureData System for Transactions offers automated database patterns and optimized workloads, for high scalability and open integration

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Adapt to changing market demand


How patterns on PureApplication System can empower your organization.

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Unlock insight with the business intelligence pattern


Learn how patterns can help you effectively use resources at optimal levels to apply analytics to your data.

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How IBM Flex System Manager compares


Competitive advantages with centralized control – from configuration to deployment – in a simple, powerful user interface.

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Gain insights faster


IBM PureData System for Analytics provides easy set up, enabling you to run complex algorithms in minutes, not hours.

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Rapid development of mobile application pattern


How patterns with IBM Worklight can enable you to develop, connect, run and secure mobile apps quickly.

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Accelerate efficiency with the business process management pattern


Increase visibility and insight, manage processes and scale resources.

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Demonstrating the value


See how easy it is to manage day-to-day activities remotely, or prepare your environment for future workloads with IBM Flex System Manager.

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Unlock insights for real-time decision making


IBM PureData System for Operational Analytics helps you create a high-performance data warehouse system.

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