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Defining IBM PureSystems

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Defining the expert integrated systems category

The IBM PureSystems product family is poised to fundamentally change the economics of IT, enabling IT to focus on technology innovation and strategic business drivers rather than daily operational tasks. This revolutionary approach to IT leverages established patterns of expertise - lessons learned that speed deployment, streamline processes and improve the responsiveness of your business.

An optimal balance


What are expert integrated systems (EIS)? Not just a new technology, but a new category of systems with integrated expertise designed in.

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Simplified experience


IBM senior vice president Steve Mills discusses how the PureSystems family is poised to change the IT landscape.

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Built-in expertise


What patterns do you need? IBM PureSystems offer repeatable best practices – automated, codified – or you can customize your own patterns.

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Deploying solutions faster


Discover how IBM PureSystems can accelerate new applications, reduce deployment times and transform your business.

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Integration by design


Why integration matters: when you need to build, configure and manage, an integrated system – not piece parts – is less costly and more efficient.

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Improving IT efficiency


Businesses are turning to IBM PureSystems for speed, expertise and simplicity in public cloud environments.

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