Fast track innovation and growth with cloud

What if cloud became the growth engine for your business? It's not only possible; it's nearly an imperative today. The good news: you can build an enterprise cloud environment faster,
easier and with less risk.

Deploy new applications faster than ever with patterns

Patterns help you efficiently build and cloud-enable applications. Create the app once and deploy it in any cloud environment unchanged.

The power of more than 200 pre-defined patterns, built into integrated systems built for cloud.

Cloud - deploy

Simplify cloud deployments

IBM PureApplication solutions and patterns make it easy.

Extend the value of your applications by leveraging them in the cloud

Our standardized cloud application platform for your web and database apps offers IT simplicity in a box.

Cloud - extend

Reduce IT administration costs, improve IT provisioning and enhance business resiliency in a secure, isolated cloud.

Get to market faster

Kingland Systems hosts patterns for its global clients.

Move workloads and applications seamlessly between on- and off-premises clouds

Retain control of your applications, with the flexibility you need to adjust to rapid changes in business requirements.

Innovate in the cloud, bring on-premises without re-architecting.

Cloud - move

Partners leverage hybrid clouds

They develop off-premises before taking apps to market.