Is your data warehouse stuck in the past?

With the growing variety and volume of data, you need a new approach that not only captures but deeply analyzes all data, from any source.

Deploy new workloads quickly

The right infrastructure can complement, not replace, your existing data warehouse. For competitive advantage, it's more important than ever to update, improve - and modernize.

PureData offers hundreds of built-in analytics capabilities and provides industry-leading performance with its workload-optimized architecture.


Retailer boosts effectiveness

Luxottica anticipates 10 percent improvement in marketing results.

Simplify operations

Pre-configured, integrated, optimized systems and appliances augment and solve the shortcomings of existing data warehouses so you can deploy and manage data more easily.


Simple to implement, operate and manage, PureData integrates database, server and storage into a single appliance for greater efficiency, reduced cost, improved ROI and IT staff that’s free to deliver more value to the business.

Embrace speed and simplicity for a competitive edge

Is your data warehouse ready?

Integrate high-performance analytics

The imperative: analyze massive data sets, uncover patterns and apply this understanding to better decision making.

Quintillions of computations in minutes are possible with a modern data warehouse. With speed comes higher performance and accelerated solution delivery. In short, it’s smart – delivering the analytic insight you need.

Innovate applications

Data drives higher viewership

Predictive analytics help NTT Plala engage customers.