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Organizations are turning to the IBM PureSystems family to reduce costs through consolidation of infrastructure & applications and simplification of management & operations across the IT lifecycle.

Learn how customers are using IBM PureSystems to
improve datacenter efficiency and save costs — IDC
Independent Study

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In the face of stagnant budgets, enterprises are seeking to leverage IT as a competitive differentiator. IDC interviewed nine companies that have implemented the IBM PureSystem family to see how they improved their IT efficiency and enabled growth.

Randy Perry
authored by

Randy Perry

Mr. Perry developed and has led IDC's Maximizing Business Value practice for over seven years. As IDC's thought leader in promoting the financial benefits of IT, he has pioneered Return-on-Investment and cost of ownership methodologies and Business Value sales tools development and sales training, completing more than 75 studies over the past 10 years. He is currently building the IDC Business Value database to support IDC vendor and enterprise clients.