Expert Integrated Systems

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Expert Integrated Systems

Built-in expertise

Innovative best practices captured to automate difficult, time-consuming IT tasks and leverage patterns of expertise

Integration by design

Pre-selected, integrated and optimized components tuned for the workload, with flexibility and control you need

Simplified experience

Deploy complex application environments in minutes or hours, scale dynamically, and manage as a single system


Beyond converged systems

Converged systems make sense: most IT departments spend too much time and money maintaining separate hardware and software components. But less isn’t always more. A converged infrastructure that doesn’t meet your changing requirements won’t deliver the transformation you expect.

IBM PureSystems expert integrated systems take the concept of a converged environment a step further, combining the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticityof cloud and simplicity of an appliance.

That means you can create, deploy and change applications faster using proven patterns. You can implement a dynamic hybrid cloud, or perform complex analytics on a petascale data.And you can fundamentally change the experience of econimics of IT.



Expert Integrated Systems

Expert integrated systems build in best practices, leveraging patterns of expertise to helpl balance, manage and optimize the elementsof your solution. The result: an automated, optimized system and faster time to value.



Expert Integration Systems

Expert integrated systems offer a comprehensive infrastructure of application middleware, compute, storage and networking resources, designed at the factory in one, open, security-rich system that delivers performance and scalability.



Expert Integrated Systems

Expert integrated systems ready to install in a few hours, feature an open framework and codified templates, so you can deploy complex applications and monitor the entire system from a single console.


Pure success : case studies



Can you optimize processes to speed customer data to employees? Using patterns on IBM PureApplication System, Walgreens established a set of business rules that automate and help speed routine administrative decisions.



Can retailers understand their customers better? Bon-Ton implemented IBM PureData for Analytics to help glean insights from the information they were already gathering from customers.

Centerline case study video


To provide clients with "accountable creative" solutions, Centerline needed a more powerful, agile and responsive IT infrastructure. IBM PureFlex System delivered an efficient, integrated storage, networking and compute power all in one