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Consolidating 75 existing physical machines to a single server will cut energy costs by approximately 25%. This will help to improve operating margins, and allow us to allocate valuable financial resources to the pursuit of medical innovation.

- Andrea Guido
IT Operations Manager
Ospedale di Novara

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Can you optimize processes to speed customer data to employees? Using patterns on IBM PureApplication System, Walgreens established a set of business rules that automate and help speed routine administrative decisions.

- Jason Stott, director of infrastructure, Walgreens

BonTon Paula Post

Can retailers understand their customers better? Bon-Ton implemented IBM PureData for Analytics to help glean insights from the information they were already gathering from customers.

- Paula Post, group VP of merchandising optimization, Bon-Ton

Charles Long

To provide clients with "accountable creative" solutions, Centerline needed a more powerful, agile and responsive IT infrastructure. IBM PureFlex System delivered an efficient, integrated storage, networking and compute power all in one

- Charles Long, CEO, Centerline Digital

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Clean, clear hybrid clouds

Clean, clear hybrid clouds with new capabilities

The latest IBM PureApplication Software V2.0 leverages an enhanced pattern engine.


Using IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer to build your cloud

Like LEGO bricks, IBM advanced cloud offerings enable you to creatively construct complex environments using patterns.

BonTon Paula Post

Bon-Ton Stores gain customer insights quickly

IBM PureData System for Analytics helps US retailer deliver an innovative shopping experience.

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The world's first family of systems with integrated expertise

It's time to completely
rethink how
organizations can
leverage IT expertise.

Expert integrated systems are poised to change IT and bussiness with built-in expertise, all-in-one design and a simplified total management experience.

Discover what's possible with built-in expertise. Learn about patterns of expertise for the enterprise. We invite you to watch the launch wecast video.


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Harness the power of patterns to build a dynamic cloud faster

Cloud can create new services, extend your existing applications investment, and help you innovate your business – but traditional methods can be complex and costly.

Jason McGee, IBM CTO, PureApplication Systems, discusses how PureSystems solutions use patterns to help you build and deploy applications on- and off premise within a dynamic cloud, faster and with less risk..

Curtain video 

IBM PureApplication Service
on SoftLayer