Expert IT: Accelerate Big Data and Cloud with Expert Integrated Systems

On October 9, 2012, IBM PureData System was introduced during a live announcement event, Expert IT: Accelerate Big Data and Cloud with Expert Integrated Systems. PureData System is part of the IBM PureSystems family of offerings. It is optimized exclusively to deliver data services with models tuned for transactional and analytic data workloads.

Along with IBM PureFlex Systems and IBM Pure Application System, these expert integrated systems fundamentally change the experience and economics of IT. You will hear first-hand from clients and partners who are experiencing the value and innovation delivered by PureSystems offerings.

In-depth Success Stories. Real-world Demos.

Learn how expertise is extracted, codified into best practice patterns and then built into the IBM PureSystems family—so you can:

  • Accelerate cloud deployment with expert integrated systems that are built for cloud
  • Take control of massive volumes of transactional data to reduce IT costs and minimize risk
  • Turn your data challenges into business opportunities by efficiently managing different data-intensive workloads to drive innovation and growth
  • Streamline how you utilize customer data and operational analytics in real time

Don't miss your opportunity to learn how IBM PureSystems solutions give you built in expertise for superior analytics, simpler IT management, lower IT costs and higher value.

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Expert IT

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