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PureData System for

A highly reliable and scalable database platform designed to help reduce complexity,
accelerate time to value and lower ongoing data management costs.

IBM PureData™ Systems for Transactions enables IT departments to easily deploy,
optimise and manage transactional database workloads.

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  • [Portrait: Tim Vincent]

    Tim Vincent

    IBM Fellow, VP and CTO for
    Information Management

Built-in expertise


Simplified Experience


Integration by design


What are the features and benefits of this system?

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    Industry leading DB2 performance and database
    node recovery in seconds1

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    Expand from a small to medium to large
    setup with no planned downtime

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    Deploy databases in minutes, not hours2

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    Supports Oracle Database apps with minimal change;
    supports DB2 applications unchanged

  • -Footnotes

    1. As designed for normal operation and typical transaction workload.

    2. As designed for normal operation.