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PureFlex System

The PureFlex™ System is a fully integrated system with unified management of compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources that utilize built in Patterns of Expertise based on IBM's decades of experience and thousands of client deployments.

These components are pre-configured and pre-integrated to make up three editions of the PureFlex System offerings: Express, Standard and Enterprise that provide "ready-to-go" cloud infrastructure.

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Take the next step in reducing IT expenses

IBM PureFlex System: the next smart step in Enterprise IT evolution.

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PureFlex System

Pre-configured, pre-integrated infrastructure

The IBM PureFlex System combines compute, storage, networking and virtualization capabilities under a single, unified management console into an infrastructure system that is expert at sensing and anticipating resource needs for your enterprise.

Up to


Energy cost reductions2

Up to


Reduction of management costs by integration of resource pools across compute, storage and networking4

  • -Footnotes

    1. Based on IBM testing and documented in IBM System x Virtualization Server Consolidation sizing methodology. IBM Flex System x240 supports 2.7X more Peak Utilization Virtual Machines (VMs) than previous generation BladeCenter blades. PureFlex System provides better scaled performance than blades due to higher total memory capacity of Flex System x240 Compute Node.

    2. 40% less energy is required on Flex System Compute Node x240 compared with earlier generation Intel x86 processor technology.

    3. Based on customer interviews and IBM development estimates of utilization and performance for PureFlex System when compared to older generations of existing systems.. Customer’s existing installation comprises prior generation Unix and x86 servers which contain a total of 2010 processor cores. The PureFlex System scenario to support the same application set requires 448 cores, a 78% reduction. Source: International Technology Group (ITG) paper on PureFlex System. Specific client environments and results may vary.

    4. From an International Technology Group (ITG, a third party) interview of a group of companies. “Before” PureFlex System and “after” PureFlex System. The results from the group of 6 companies had a peak predicted administrator efficiency improvement of 57% and an average of 42%. Sourced from whitepaper “Value Proposition for IBM Next Generation Platform System”, International Technology Group.

    5. IBM internal Research and Development estimate comparing VMControl’s ability to automatically provision storage to a VM (90 second duration) vs. 2 administrators (storage and server admins) allocating the storage manually without VMControl (2 hour duration). Specific client environments and results may vary. 6. Based on IBM internal Research and development estimates and measurements. The management server setup for IBM Flex System takes 131 minutes. Equivalent setup for BladeCenter takes 388 minutes. This is based on the “build to order” approach, and is therefore very conservative, i.e. if we were to consider the pre-configured options (Express, Standard, Enterprise), the savings would be far larger. Solely the 66% saving claimed for conservatism. Compared with to previous generation blade servers. Specific client environments and results may vary.

Power of Infrastructure Patterns

Automated management across pre-integrated compute, storage and networking resources enabling faster time-to-value and reduced operational expense so your IT resources can be dedicated to more value added tasks. A PureFlex System comes with Patterns of Expertise built in and tuned to fit your enterprise.

Customize PureFlex with Open Choice

Open Choice gives customers the ability to configure their PureFlex System with a wide variety of elements from IBM and their partners. Choices in critical areas such as architecture, storage, operating systems, hypervisors and networking allow systems to be optimized and tuned to the enterprise.

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