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Data center complexity and rising
costs getting in the way?

Consolidate on IBM PureSystems to
minimize costs and maximize resources

Thereʼs no question that today many IT managers are dealing with the cost and performance challenges that come with server sprawl and IT infrastructure complexity. One of which is vast underutilization of their organizationsʼ systems. Valuable IT resources are struggling simply to maintain increasingly complex infrastructures. As a result, on average, 70% of todayʼs IT budgets are spent on operations and maintenance alone, which often leads to compromised performance and service delivery.

Leveraging integrated expertise, the IBM PureSystems™ family reduces complexity to lower management costs and speed service delivery, while natively supporting multiple computing architectures, operating systems and hypervisors. In addition, they provide automated and application-aware scaling of resources, so IT professionals can focus on innovation and new capabilities that lead to higher performance and increased revenues.

Find out how you can cut complexity and costs by consolidating on the IBM PureSystems family.

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