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Run complex algorithms in minutes, not days,
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IBM PureData System for Analytics meets data challenges with simplicity, speed & lower cost

On a smarter planet, the need to analyze large volumes of real-time and historical data to find patterns and drive insights becomes critical. This requirement incorporates everything from reporting, querying, modeling techniques and predictive capabilities. This results in increasingly larger amounts of information being processed by systems that are mission critical and real-time. These systems help organizations detect new business opportunities, new trends, detect fraudulent transactions or monitor the health of a new born baby. In order to take advantage of this strategic edge, complex analytics requires different hardware and software configurations optimized for dealing with vast amounts of information.

The PureData™ System for Analytics, powered by Netezza® technology, is a simple data appliance for serious analytics. It simplifies and optimizes performance of data services for analytic applications, enabling very complex algorithms to run in minutes not days.

The PureData System for Operational Analytics is a data warehouse system for delivering insights to business operations for real-time decision making. It is optimized to handle complex analytics and up to thousand interactive queries per second.

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