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With the growing complexity of IT infrastructures, many organisations are challenged with overburdened IT resources and underutilised, underperforming systems. Recent studies indicate that today’s IT environments are so complex that 55% of businesses experience downtime that can last from minutes to weeks after an infrastructure change. So how can you meet your IT demands and ensure your business-critical applications run and perform to the level you need them to?

The IBM PureSystems™ family integrates multiple hardware and software components -- from servers, storage and networking to layers of virtualisation, middleware and management -- into a single intelligent resource pool. What’s more, these solutions dynamically adjust to demand spikes and reallocates system resources automatically. This offers IT resources a single point of control and superior virtualisation to cut management time and reduce expenses.

Discover how you can achieve peak performance and lower costs by optimising on the IBM PureSystems family.

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    See how IBM PureSystems can make your IT work at its full potential and help your enterprise reduce costs and better allocate resources.