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Innovation rides to the rescue in the digital age

These are challenging times for the entertainment and media industry. New technologies are allowing faster and more widespread distribution of product, while also opening new avenues for pirating. More distribution channels and a wider spectrum of formats mean more difficulty in tracking and analyzing assets. And consumers are continually demanding new ways to access media.

$6.1 billion -- amount Hollywood loses each year to movie piracy

In its rich library of intellectual property, IBM has solutions that can help counter threats, open new distribution options and analyze assets.

40 billion --  pieces of online video content watched by U.S. Internet users in January 2012.

For example, an IBM content protection solution uses software to insert a watermark into a digital image. The mark can be visible or hidden and is protected from removal by mixing it into a pattern that looks like random digital noise. What's more, each copy of an image can be marked individually. That means should an image leak, the originating owner can determine which copy was released, thereby tracing the origin of the leak.

$32.6 billion - total box office worldwide in 2011

Another solution can quickly detect unauthorized copies of video. It uses a "bag-of-words fingerprint" that needs only 1,000 bytes per second of video. That means it can process tens of thousands of hours of video in a short time with high accuracy (a better than 99 percent detection rate with zero false positives). And, it compares a clip to a reference library to determine not only if it was copied, but also the source of the clip.

Hardware form factor is no longer the driving force for's the software that often makes the key difference.

53 billion - number of visits a year to websites purveying pirated movies, TV shows, games, music, and software

Multimedia today is almost everywhere: in collaboration tools, in video on demand, video conferencing, even surveillance cameras connected via the Web. Each of these is a dedicated use, however, lacking the flexibility to add features such as captions and slideshows. A software developers kit from the IBM can adapt collaboration software, adding multimedia capabilities such as video chat and screen capture.

"Lax enforcement and high profit margins have made trafficking in counterfeit DVDs a flourishing side business for drug smugglers and crime rings worldwide."--  Bloomberg BusinessWeek

As more and more people stream video on mobile devices, they put a strain on the digital infrastructure, a strain that lowers the quality of the viewing experience. Another IBM solution adapts bandwidth dynamically, reducing errors in the streaming information. It also allows streaming to be centrally controlled within an organization, conserving resources. This solution is especially useful for telecommunications networks.

These are just some of the assets available to the entertainment and media industry. Others aid editing, search through video, and help make content accessible to people with disabilities. Put them to work for you.

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