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Assets in IBM's portfolio of intellectual property can help electronics manufacturers with almost everything from manufacturing to spotting counterfeit components to making their business more efficient.

For example, IBM created a process called chemical mechanical planarization that allows optic instrument designers to polish high precision optics using an automated process.

And, an anti-counterfeiting server replaces many expensive and easily defeated approaches to ensuring that components are genuine. The IBM asset uses a simple, inexpensive enhancement to a standard 11S bar code along with a secret key-based method. That leads to lower support costs by identifying counterfeit memory and processor parts.

1 in 10. of the technology products sold worldwide are counterfeit. 100 billon Annual lost to counterfitting by legitimate electronics business. Source:Alliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement

Ten largest electronic industry markets.China.US.Japan.Germany.South Korea.Russia.Brazil.France.UK.Italy

Other IP assets can help electronics companies run more efficiently and more profitably. The IBM buy analysis tool reduces inventory-related costs for buyers, suppliers and partners. It also delivers price protection incentives that align with optimal stocking levels for buyers and suppliers.

Looking for increased profit margins? A pricing analysis tool uses analytics to determine the right price to win a particular deal. The asset analyzes similarly priced bids, basing its recommendation on actual wins. In a pilot, the tool increased profit margins 1.5 percent on deals with margins averaging 13 to 15 percent.

The electronics industry is unique as it is both revolutionary and evolutionary. Creation and knowledge transfer cause constant innovation, resulting in faster obsolescence, cyclical demand and price erosion, all of which have become common for any value chain participant. Lavanya Rammohan,research analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Firms concerned with sustainability will welcome the supply chain sustainability management asset. It offers the ability to measure, report and manage greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy usage and waste in end-to-end supply chain operations.

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