Disaster recovery options

Understand recovery options

Whether you select a cloud-based or traditional disaster recovery solution, there is a range of implementation options available that may be deployed individually or as part of a hybrid solution. These options include, but are not limited to:

Whichever solution or solution combination an organization chooses can have significant impact on both recovery time objective (RTO)—the desired length of time for recovering systems and data and recovery point objective (RPO)—the amount of data loss, if any, that is acceptable, measured in time. Determining what RTO and RPO levels are right for your company is a key component in deciding what kind of infrastructure and service levels your organization needs.

Traditional disaster recovery models


Cost versus speed

In traditional disaster recovery models—dedicated and shared—organizations are forced to make the trade-off between cost and speed of recovery. They may be able to achieve the recovery speed necessary to meet their RTO and RPO requirements; however, this model has some inherent flaws because of the following:

  • Recovery depends on backup tapes being transported from the data center to the disaster recovery site—a process that can be costly in both time and financial resources.
  • Expensive hardware can sit idle or be rendered unavailable due to disaster, or ordinary wear and tear.
  • If hardware slated for recovery has been co-opted for another purpose at the time of disaster of disruption, there can be a host of additional problems and delays in achieving full recovery, if it is still possible.

Cloud computing


Faster for less

Both dedicated and shared cloud-based solution options offer faster recovery speeds than their traditional counterparts—for less. Business leaders at companies of all sizes are looking to cloud-based disaster recovery solutions to obtain the greatest value from their IT disaster recovery budget.

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